Sunday, February 8, 2009

Uneeda Doll collectors seeking Uneeda employees

Uneeda doll collectors are seeking Uneeda employees to share experiences of their days in manufacturing dolls in the 50's and 60's.
We would be interested in hearing from those employees their job descriptions, what they did, and how a product was determined to be sellable.
We would be interested in how the design was chosen, fabric, seamstresses experiences, and all general knowledge of the doll products.
Most of us have been collecting the Uneeda Dollikin, that was put out between 1957-1960 with the 16 joints. This was supposed to make them a very desirable doll, but due to the funky arrangement of the joints, most of the dolls were put out with slacks and long sleeves to hide their joints. Also, the Fashion doll version was put out, without the multiple joints.

We would like to know the thought processes in the design, and the many many baby boomers that have these dolls, still, from their childhood, are was it all done.

I have, at the present time, a web site that is building on the dolls from the 50's made by Royal Doll Co, and many other companies. You can find that at:
In there I have found through the internet two employees that are sharing their experiences with me from that company.

So, if you are an employee of that company, we would love to hear your experiences, and get in contact with me. My internet doll group, is anxious to hear from you all.